Our Pilates classes are focused on helping you improve and strengthen your core, something that’s vital for our every day activities. More importantly, it’s a low impact workout, which means it’s suitable for everyone, especially those who are suffering from injury or have a limited range of motion.

What we’ll do

Each Pilates exercise is designed to help improve your flexibility, balance and posture. By isolating specific areas of the body, we can trigger the correct muscles to work in the way that they should, strengthening and supporting your spine and your glutes. Continued repetition of these movements teaches our body and muscles to move in the correct way throughout our daily lives.

All exercises always start at a beginner level, but can be increased as you progress and build up strength. We’ll also use some equipment too, like foam rollers, biofeedback, soft balls, therabands and Pilates rings; these will help to vary your workout, and will be provided by us.

Come and join us

If you want to find out more about Pilates, and try a workout for yourself, come on down to Siddington Village Hall and join us every Monday at 9.15am.

Or if you’d like more personal help with a Pilates workout, just get in touch!