Treatments for relief, recovery and prevention

If you’re suffering from a specific sports injury or chronic pains, we can help you at Premier Sports Massage & Fitness. Our expert team and dedicated clinic can deliver a wealth of treatments targeted to your specific aches, strains and long-term injuries.

We’re committed to helping everyone we can live a healthy and active lifestyle, so we also specialise in prevention treatments, like Kinesio Taping and Functional Movement Screening alongside recovery and relief sports massage and acupuncture.

Whatever your requirements are, we can help. Take a look at some of our treatment options below, or if you’re not sure what you may need, just get in touch with us for some helpful advice.


The process of using very fine needles into the body using anatomy, physiology and myofascial release trigger points

Sports Massage

Loosening of tight muscles using deep tissue massage that gets to the root of the problem

Kinesio Taping

Using highly flexible tape to support and/or alleviate pain on muscles and joints

Functional Movement Screening

Analysis of the body’s functional limitations, imbalances, weaknesses and asymmetries, creating a program to work together to correct them